TERRE EXOTIQUE White Penja peppers, 70 g.

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A great companion for your mortar! White pepper has an intense aroma, but not as spicy as black. This white Penja pepper with menthol aroma has a unique character and taste. Use them lightly chopped and flavor all your dishes.

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In the world of peppers, Cameroon stands out for its culturally formed demand for white pepper. For this reason, white peppers have traditionally been grown in Penja plantations, ignoring the need for black pepper for global consumers and traders. Despite global trends, demand for white Penja pepper in Cameroon remains extremely high, which is a truly exceptional case. Cameroonian growers have also been particularly fortunate to have natural freshwater sources that are vital to white pepper production. Nevertheless, the production of black pepper is technologically simpler, so the price of white Cameroon pepper is quite high.


A warming, intense flavor with a distinctly sweet aroma of caramelized meat. Soft notes of musk intertwined in one thread with an incense-like odor. An enigmatic and expressive taste that stays on the palate for a few moments. Spicy delicate taste with wild hints, perfectly combined with olfactory temptations. Pepper leaves a full, smoky impression of thickness, full of unexpected, gentle and sensual notes.


High notes (full pepper, after contact with air). The predominant notes are menthol and vetiver, which quickly melt to the tempting smell of fresh mint and cold smoke. After a few minutes, more pulsating, unbridled pepper aromas are revealed.

Soft notes (crushed and split pepper). The olfactory aroma of peppermint and incense herbs, dreamily reminiscent of the scents of wild greenery awakening after the rain.

Base notes (ground and attracted pepper). Intriguing notes of intriguing tastes, which are bound into a general harmony by a light and sweet hint of wild aromas. There are hints of musk and homemade chicken broth and a faint but embracing smoky aroma, somewhat reminiscent of the smell of cold soot.


On the outside, the white Penja pepper has a fairly regular, round, uniform, smooth shape and a creamy white color and a fresh gray hue, which is nowhere to be found. The inside of the pepper is also bright, matte, almost milky white.

In the kitchen

Subtly delicious, intense and fragrant peppers that ask for a pronounced texture such as red meat, lamb or pork cut. For best results, always grind the peppers just before serving to maintain full freshness.


Piper nigrum.

Net quantity: 70 g. Country of origin: Cameroon.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry and cool place.


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