Roasted Coffee The Mood Ethiopia

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Embark on a journey to the birthplace of coffee – Ethiopia. Here, amidst the rich history and tradition, our coffee reigns supreme. Born from the very heart of coffee culture, it has absorbed the finest qualities, emerging as an aromatic masterpiece. With every sip, surrender to its captivating aroma and let it transport you to a state of pure relaxation. Indulge in the essence of Ethiopian excellence – where each moment is meant to be savored.

Experience the essence of Ethiopian coffee – when you crave the soothing hint of beeswax and calming vanilla, choose the harvest from Ethiopia. Revered as the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia sees coffee production as more than just a business, but a cherished tradition. Delight in not only the quality and richness but also the abundance of flavors. These beans will enthrall you with robust coffee yet surprise you with gentle undertones of vanilla, beeswax, and fruity notes.

Did you know that at the renowned A’Design Award & Competition in 2018, representatives from 100 countries competed across 99 diverse categories? Standing out among the competition, this package, designed for the exceptional quality coffee “The Mood,” clinched the prestigious gold.

– 100% Arabica
– Variety: Heirloom
– Region: Sidamo
– Growing Altitude: 1200 – 1800 m
– Processing: Fully washed
– Harvesting: Handpicked
– Flavor Profile: Cherry, beeswax, vanilla, creamy chocolate, fruity notes

Unlock a world of flavor with Ethiopian coffee from “The Mood” collection!

Intensity: 6/8 Aroma: 7/8 Acidity: 1/8 Roasting: 4/8

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11 reviews for Roasted Coffee The Mood Ethiopia

  1. Albinas (verified owner)

    Malonus skonis.

  2. Edita (verified owner)

    Labai mėgstame šitą kavą 🙂

  3. Rūta (verified owner)

    Labai skani kava!!!?

  4. ieva (verified owner)

    Labai skanu, o ipakavimo koks grozis akims!
    Rupestis klientu, greitas pristatymas. Viskas labai puikiai 🙂
    O sokoladu skonis!

    Sekmes jums ir kurybingos ateities!

  5. Irma (verified owner)

    Labai skani kava, ne rūgšti ! Pristatymas greitas. Sėkmės Jums ir iki kito karto .

  6. Judita (verified owner)

    Labai labai gera kava, pati skaniausia!

  7. Virginija (verified owner)

    Kava fantastiška, net pasigailėjau, kad pirkau tik 250 g (kava malta. todėl ėmiau mažesnį kiekį)

  8. Kristina (verified owner)

    Pati skaniausia kava, greitas atsiuntimas!

  9. GINTAUTA (verified owner)

    Ragavau 4 rūšių kavą(beje,mėgstu tik pupelių:)).Labiausiai tiko ir patiko ETHIOPIA..PUIKAUS SKONIO.Nebenoriu daugiau jokių”kavų” iš jokių prek.centrų ir t.t.
    Ačiū Jums už šį mano atradimą!!!😇 Būkite su mumis dar daug metų- sėkmės !!

  10. Gintauta (verified owner)

    Ši kava patiko labiausiai iš 4rūšių-nuostabi 👍😇!!

  11. Judita (verified owner)

    Paragavusi šios kavos neberandu nieko geresnio, puikus aromatas, gomurį kutenantis nuostabus skonis… ačiū už šį atradimą.

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