Cinnamon Sticks TERRE EXOTIQUE, 250 g.

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True Ceylon cinnamon is one of the most coveted spices in the world. This cinnamon will give a silky sweetness and a fantastic aroma to tea, coffee, mulled wine or fruit punch. Ceylon cinnamon is also indispensable in various desserts and with poultry, game or rabbit dishes.

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Legendary spice! Cinnamon comes from Ceylon, but in ancient times it is mentioned in most legends. Cinnamon was used by the Egyptians for embalming and was believed to have grown in a distant mysterious land. To enter this mysterious land, Queen Hashpsut ordered expeditions to the land of Punta, the “land of God,” now Ethiopia, and thus began the long journey of this spice to the cuisines of the world.
Roman admiration for luxury goods from India, such as pepper, cinnamon, ginger, pearls, and ivory, is said to have balanced on the brink of madness, and during the Renaissance, the fiercest battles took place between the Portuguese, English, and Dutch over the monopoly of these spices.
Cinnamon is the bark of the cinnamon tree, Cinnanomum zeylanicum. Harvesting cinnamon requires a great deal of knowledge. First, the fine inner bark is cut and carefully removed, then dried in the sun. Cinnamon can be used whole or ground. In Europe and America, this spice is especially popular in sweet dishes and desserts, and in India and North Africa – in spicy dishes.



Net Weight

250 g.

Storage Conditions

Store in a dry and cool place.


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