Passion Berry TERRE EXOTIQUE, 25 g.

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The fruity aroma of these berries gives itself notes of passion fruit. Use them gently mashed just before serving with fried fish or pan-fried fresh vegetables. You can also use these berries in cream sauces for poultry or sweet desserts, for example, to make a wonderful caramelized pear tart.

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Passion fruit grows on the plant Ruta Chalepensis, which grows in tropical Africa, more specifically in Ethiopia, where this plant is used in culinary and traditional medicine. The height of this shrub can reach 1.5 m, and the plant grows best in 1500-2000 m. altitude. The leaves of this plant have an aromatic sweet smell, and the berries have a strong and vibrant taste. In Ethiopia, the leaves of this plant are used to flavor milk in the production of traditional cheeses, as well as in the famous berber spice mix. The dried and shredded leaves of this plant also act as an excellent repellent against insects.
The sweet and exotic taste of passion fruit is ideal with fried fish, spring squirrel dishes, delicate cream sauces or sweet fruit cakes and desserts.


Passion fruit

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25 g.

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Store in a dry and cool place.

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