Green Szechuan Berry TERRE EXOTIQUE, 30 g.

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Green Szechuan Berry, an Asian Treasure

Green Szechuan berry (also known as Sichuan pepper) boasts a refreshing taste and floral aromas reminiscent of jasmine. Dried and ground, crushed, infused, or roasted, it pairs wonderfully with seafood and broths and provides an explosive combination with chocolate.

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Cultivated in Asia, Green Szechuan berry gets its name from its main region of origin, Szechuan in China. It is a shrub with purple foliage that gives birth to these small berries. Initially green, they turn red and then brown as they mature. They split open to release the two seeds they contain, and we get to enjoy their flavorful husk! Green Szechuan berry is harvested before maturity, while the husk of the berry is not yet split open.

Already prized in ancient China for its mix of freshness and warmth, its power, and its aphrodisiac properties, Green Szechuan berry would even have filled the “pepper rooms” of the palace of Chang’an with its enchanting scent. It made its appearance in Europe in the 13th century when Marco Polo brought it to Venice, where it captivated chefs and perfumed all dishes before falling into culinary oblivion. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that Green Szechuan berry made a strong comeback. Now, it charms both amateur cooks and top chefs alike!


Green Szechuan berries

Storage Conditions

Store in a dry and cool place.

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Manufacturer: Terre Exotique Made in: China Brand Country: France

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