Gochugaru Korean Chili Pepper, TERRE EXOTIQUE 50 g.

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Gochugaru Korean chili peppers have a strong cultural and historical significance in Korean cuisine. They can be used to season various vegetable and meat dishes and sauces.

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Gochugaru pepper is a Korean chili pepper. Essential to the country’s gastronomy, it is notably used in the recipe of the famous kimchi. Its moderate spiciness, slightly smoky aroma, and beautiful red color make it a perfect ally to enhance your dishes.

Enhance your dishes with the sweet, smoky, and slightly spicy notes of gochugaru pepper! Whether in your kimchi, vegetable stir-fries, or barbecue sauces, this pepper is easily incorporated into your daily cooking.

Gochugaru pepper is distinguished by its bright red color and its sweet, smoky aromas. It has a spiciness of about 2000 SHU, slightly stronger than its cousin, the Espelette pepper.

Gochugaru is a coarsely ground Korean chili pepper, similar in texture to crushed red chili flakes, traditionally made from sun-dried seedless peppers. The taste is smoky, sweet and spicy.

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