Juniper Berry TERRE EXOTIQUE, 40 g.

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Juniper berries have a sour and rich taste and are widely used in Nordic cuisine. These berries will enrich vegetable or meat stews and give a special taste when preparing game or chicken in beer sauce.

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Juniper berries have a sweet and mild taste. They are perfect for preparing game dishes, grilled meat and its marinades or making special stewed lamb in red wine sauce. Uncrushed juniper berries are resistant to high cooking temperatures and emit a pleasantly pungent odor. In Scandinavian cuisine, juniper berries are especially popular in pork dishes.
These ripe bluish-purple berries grow on Juniperus communis juniper bush in southern Europe, mainly in Albania and Croatia, as well as in North Africa, North America and Asia. Juniper berries have been used for thousands of years. The Babylonians, Egyptians, and North American Indians used these berries in ritual rites, medicine, or simply as a spice in cooking. The Greeks dedicated these berries to the God of Olympus, Hermes. The Romans used juniper berries as a substitute for pepper because they were cheaper, similarly round, and somewhat spicy.
We recommend using these juniper berries crushed.


Juniper berries

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Store in a dry and cool place.

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