Fine blue Persian salt TERRE EXOTIQUE, 280 g.

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This extremely rare salt was formed during thousands of years of fossilization in prehistoric seas. The silvit crystals found naturally in them give the salt an intense shade of blue.

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In the 11th century BC, the famous Persian physician and philosopher Avicena wrote about the land formed by the metamorphosis of prehistoric tides, erosion, sedimentary layers, and soft rocks. Although Avicena is not considered a pioneer of geology, it has already noticed a unique process of salt formation since then. Today, Iran, a place where the Persian Empire once stood, is a region that has given the world many scientific inventions, stunning architecture, enchanting culture and, of course, one of the purest salts in the world. Persian blue salt is one of the rarest salts in the world. Extracted in northern Iran, this rock salt of extraordinary beauty has a mesmerizing emerald-blue hue thanks to its large amount of silvit crystals.


The crystals of this salt, thanks to the large number of silvit crystals, have an enchanting blue hue. The shade of the salt crystals can easily vary from white to dark blue.


This salt is completely natural and has no pronounced aftertaste. It is a fairly intense salt suitable for use with virtually any dish.

In the kitchen

We recommend using this salt with desserts and white meat or fish dishes at the end of their preparation. Persian blue salt is highly valued for its decorative properties – use it as a decorative element on your table, decorate it with chic cocktail glasses. This salt is extremely dry, so it is perfect for your salt grinder. Although you can use this salt with practically all the dishes you prepare, but its enchanting emerald shade, just ask to use this salt as an elegant and sophisticated decoration.


Persian blue salt

Storage conditions

Store in a dry and cool place.

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