Coconut flower sugar TERRE EXOTIQUE, 120 g.

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This sugar is extracted from the nectar of coconut palm blossoms. For desserts, use this sugar directly, unheated – the natural form of this sugar best reveals the caramel aroma and delicate aroma of coconut blossoms.

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This sugar has been used in the Western world for some time as a healthy alternative to white sugar. Coconut flower sugar is rich in useful minerals and has an extremely low glycemic index (about 35) – almost half that of red or white cane sugar.
In Southeast Asian countries, this sugar has been extremely popular and used since time immemorial. This sugar is extracted from the nectar of coconut palm blossoms. The flowers are harvested by the local villagers, following centuries-old traditions that have not changed over the centuries. Sugar is produced only naturally, without additional additives or preservatives. The production method for this sugar is very similar to the Cambodian palm sugar production method. Flower collectors climb tall palm trees and hand-pick coconut palm flowers, the nectar of which is collected in buckets made from bamboo stems. The nectar is then evaporated to a molasses consistency. Once the molasses has hardened, the sugar is crushed to a powder consistency using a stone grinder.
Indonesia, and more specifically Central Java, is known as the main production region for this extremely expensive sugar. This sugar with a sweet coconut palm flowering aroma is reminiscent of the non-binding aromas of chocolate with delicate almonds and hazelnuts from childhood. It is a sugar with an extremely mild taste that leaves an extremely pleasant caramel and barely perceptible pepper taste on the tip of the tongue. This sugar is ideal with fresh and light desserts, fruit, ice cream or freshly squeezed juice. This sugar is recommended for use at the end of dessert production, but its texture will allow the sugar to be easily mixed with other ingredients as well.


Coconut blossom sugar

Neto weight

120 g.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry and cool place.

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