In The Mood for coffee?

We, The Mood, love coffee.  Enticing aromas and complex flavours, similar to a fine wine or craft beer, leave us craving more. That’s why we offer a fine selection of premium, single origin and quality blend, specialty coffees.  We use only 100% select Arabica beans. Our coffee is hand crafted and fire roasted in small batches to enhance each coffee’s unique aroma and flavour characteristics. Once you’ve tried our coffee, you’ll understand our craving.

The Mood currently offers medium roast coffee from five regions – Ethiopia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and Columbia.  But it doesn’t stop there. We continue by selecting specific Arabica varietals, grown on small farms and processed using various washing and drying techniques, which not only preserve, but also prepare the beans for roasting. That’s where we step in.  Roasting is a craft, part art, part science. We have refined our roasting techniques so that every cup, whether you have a simple coffee press or fancy espresso machine, will be perfect.

Each coffee is represented by a different, hand drawn, vintage inspired and slightly realistic monkey face.  On their head, a stylish, classic hat. Their ironic sophistication evokes curiosity. These dapper monkeys imply quality, their mild expressions playfully represent a mood, but also allude to the coffee’s flavor profile, mild, strong, sour or smooth. We have a coffee for every mood.