Ingredients: 100% Medium roast Arabica beans

Fresh mountain air, intense sunlight with refreshing bouts of rain, are the key ingredients for growing the purest, most natural coffee beans.  Mild, light, and delicate – this coffee is perfect for when you simply need a good cup of coffee. Gentle with a fruity aroma and cosy feeling, so near and dear, you’ll want to hug your cup…..with both hands.

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Sudėtis: vidutiniškai skrudintos 100 % Arabica kavos pupelės.

Kavos tėvynėje užgimusi kava yra neginčijama šios srities lyderė. Savyje sukaupusi geriausias įmanomas kavos savybes yra tokia aromatinga, kad ja reikia mėgautis lėtai ir atsakingai. Viena po kitos atsiskleidžiančios riešutų, vanilės ir bičių vaško natos primena aukščiausios rūšies kvepalus, kutenančius visas žmogiškąsias jusles. Stipri, tonizuojanti ir įžiebianti ugneles akyse.




Ingredients: 100% Medium roast Arabica beans

Hailing from the motherland of all coffee, this blend is the undisputed leader. This coffee has all the best that coffee beans can offer. It’s indulging fragrance will make you want to take each sip slowly and responsibly. Aromatic notes of nuts, vanilla, and beeswax reveal themselves one by one, turning the brew into a high-quality perfume and tickling all the human senses. Potent and energising, this coffee will light up the fire in your eyes


AA Utengule


Ingredients: 100% Medium roast Arabica beans

It’s as if these beans were grown for personal use, with as much love and attention as possible. Carefully and meticulously picked by hand and subtly roasted in small batches.  With a tantalizing aroma and sweet after taste of black current and vanilla, will have yourself asking, “Why have a cup of gold, when I can have the diamond?”

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Sudėtis: vidutiniškai skrudintos 100 % Arabica kavos pupelės.

Kai kambaryje pakvimpa plikoma kava iš Kolumbijos, jos tiršto ir sodraus aromato priviliotas kaimynas atskuba belstis į duris. Šilkiniu ir tirštu, riešutų, duonos ir šokolado aromatu kutenanti gomurį. Švelniai rūgšti kava, skirta sušildyti ir susidraugauti.




Ingredients: 100% Medium roast Arabica beans

When the intense aroma of this Colombian brew fills the room, your neighbour might come knocking on your door, curious about the extraordinary smell. Silky with a thick fragrance of nuts, bread, and chocolate, will surely excite your palate. This mildly sour cup of coffee is perfect for warming up and chatting with the neighbour.



Mena Gold

Ingredients: 100% Medium roast Arabica beans

The first sip is astonishing. The second one makes you take a deep breath. The third one ignites a spark of inspiration, optimism, and determination. This is what a coffee should be: potent and invigorating. A breathtaking combination of chocolate, cocoa, exotic herbs, fruit, and a subtle hint of arrogance, makes one mind-blowing cup of coffee, perfect for the start of the day, everyday.